I am receiving an "Access Violation" error when attempting to print-preview a Quote

If you're receiving an "Access Violation" error when attempting to print your quote, this likely indicates that your Quote form has become corrupted.  To resolve this issue you will need to replace your corrupted quote form, and then re-do any customizations that were made to the quote.

You can restore/replace your form by navigating to the Reports sub-directory of the DBA Manufacturing folder on your server.  Inside the Reports folder, go into the Current Letter sub-folder.  Find the form file that corresponds to the quote style you are using ( ppQuote.rtm for Formal quotes, ppQuoteLetter.rtm for Quote Letter styles, and ppQuoteLetterDetail.rtm for Letter with Detail styles).  Copy the correct corresponding quote form from the Current Letter folder into your main Reports folder, replacing the existing form file of that name.

After you have replaced the default quote form, you will need to re-do any customizations you had made to the form, and then assign it for use in the software.  For instructions on how to assign a custom form for use, please refer to the Custom RTM Assignment section of the Forms Customization video.  A link to this video is posted below.

Video - Forms Customization