Why am I unable to over-pick a Sales Order line?

When trying to over-pick a Sales Order line quantity, you will receive the following error: "Picked Qty (X) cannot exceed Remaining Qty (Y)."  This is because DBA does not allow over-picking against a Sales Order line. Our recommendation is to add an additional Sales Order line to accommodate the quantity that you wish to over-pick.

For example, if the order was placed for 100 quantity but you, instead, wish to pick 102 quantity to the order then you could add an additional detail line for 2 quantity.  You may also wish to edit the description of that additional line to reflect that it is an extra quantity being shipped (perhaps to reflect that the additional line's quantity is a courtesy to the customer).  If the additional quantity is being shipped at no charge then this also allows you to better reflect that this specific quantity was at no cost to the customer.