Why isn't my Sales Order line item pulling in the correct discount?

During sales order line item entry, pricing is determined by the following hierarchy:

  1. First, the program looks for a Contract Price. If one is found, it will be used and a Discount will NOT be applied. Contract Pricing is found under the (Sales > Pricing & Discounts > Contract Pricing) menu.
  2. If a Contract Price is NOT found, the program then looks for a Price Level price. If one is found, it uses that price and applies a Discount, if applicable. Price Levels are defined under (Sales > Pricing & Discounts > Price Levels) and are applied directly to Customers under (Sales > Customers > Detail tab > Pricing sub-tab) and/or directly to Sales Orders under (Sales > Sales Orders > Header tab > Pricing sub-tab).
  3. Finally, if a Price Level price is not found, the program uses the Base Price from (Sales > Pricing & Discounts > Base Prices) and applies a Discount from (Sales > Pricing & Discounts > Discounts), if applicable

If all of the above have been reviewed and the source of the problem still cannot be found, please send DBA support (through a ticket) screenshots of the screens mentioned above so that we can review them as well