Sales Order Entry Error: General SQL error. lock conflict on no wait transaction.

The error "General SQL Error - lock conflict on no wait transaction deadlock update conflicts with concurrent update" can occur a few different ways, but basically stems from a transaction/change to the database that's attempting to post to the same place twice.

The error can occur when two people are working in the same area of the software or also if the software isn't saving the information properly through programming when you exit out of the screen (which would cause the table/field to remain locked because a change is waiting to be posted to the database).

Our recommendation is to have everyone log out of DBA and then log back in.  Usually, that will resolve the error for good.  If you have been receiving these errors frequently recently, we would suggest doing a re-boot of the server if possible. Doing a re-boot of the server would clear any locks on tables/fields within the database that you may have been running into.