Consultant Support Ticketing Procedures

Our support ticketing system is designed to provide support directly to end users. An important benefit to each company is that it has access to a complete history of all its support tickets.

To maintain the integrity of each company's support ticket history, we require consultants to always submit support tickets using each client's support account.  You will need to create a special email for support ticketing sign in for each of the companies you represent.  Under no circumstances should a consultant submit a support ticketing using their personal email address.   

Support Ticketing Email Options

  1. Use your consultant company's email domain to create an email account for each of your DBA Clients (e.g.

  2. Create an email account using your Client's domain name (e.g.

  3. Create an email address with one of the mainstream free email services (e.g.

Once you have created an email for your client, send an email to and provide your name, your client's company name, and your client specific email.   You will then use that email to sign in and communicate in the ticket system for your client.


The DBA Software Support Team