Email Logging

If you are receiving errors or having trouble getting your emails within DBA to work properly, you can activate an email logging system.   The email logging tool provides detailed events of the email validation and sending processes.  

Procedures to Activate Email Logging:

Set Notepad (or any other plain text editor) to "Run as Administrator"

On the server, use "Run as Adminstrator" to open Notepad (or any other plain text editor).  You will need to use "Run As Adminstrator" if your DBA Manufacturing folder is under C:\Program Files (x86)\DBA Manufacturing\  so you can save changes to the file.

Set the LoggingEnabled Property for the emailsettings.ini to True

In your text editor, use File > Open and open the "emailsettings.ini" folder, which should be located in the main directory of the DBA Manufacturing folder on the server. Change LoggingEnabled from False to True and then save the file. 

View the Results in the DBA Manufacturing\Logs\directory.

The next time someone emails from DBA, a log file should be created under the DBA Manufacturing\Logs\ directory.   This file is a continuous text file and each email event will be appended to the existing .txt file.   If you want to isolate your most recent email event, you can delete the existing log file and a new one will be created with each email send from DBA.

Example Log File

After you are done with your investigation - Turn the logging feature off.

  • The logging text file will continue to append records for each email event sent in the program.   The file can grow very large over time if the logging feature is left on indefinitely.
  • When you are done examining the log entries,  Open the  "emailsettings.ini" folder and change the LoggingEnabled property back to False.