Setting up an App Password in your Google Account for DBA Email

Previously, if you wanted to send email from DBA using Gmail’s SMTP server this was generally possible as long as you turned the “Less secure app access” on for your Google account.  However, Google is moving toward 2-step authentication required and no longer supports sending email using your email address and password with “Less secure app access” turned on.  If you have 2-Step authentication on and want to send email through the Gmail SMTP server from DBA, you’ll need to set up an App Password for DBA.

Here is the Google Support KB with instructions for setting up an App Password:

Sign in with App Password

Here are some steps:


Go to your Google Account and make sure 2-Step Verification is enabled like this:

Underneath the 2-Step Verification setting, go into App passwords. Under Select the app and device you want to generate the app password for, choose Other, and enter a name such as DBA Email.  You will be shown a pop-up screen with your app password, make sure to copy this down to a secure location.  Here is an example of an app password set up for DBA Email under a Google Account:

After you have your application password, you are ready to edit your email settings within DBA.  Go to File > User Email Settings within DBA.  In the Password box copy/paste or enter in your app password and press the Save button.  Keep the User Name as your Gmail email address.

Email through DBA using your Gmail email address with the app password should now work.  Submit a ticket with DBA support if you need additional assistance.