Multi-Company Setup

Multiple companies requires separate licensing and license keys.   Before you install any additional company databases, you will first need to request a new license key for each new licensed company.   You can contact to receive your license keys or purchase additional licenses.

Creating a New Company (Perform these steps from your server)

  1. On your server, create a new directory for the new company in your DBA Manufacturing > Database sub-directory.  
  2. Download and unzip the following blank EJDB.FDB database and copy it to the directory you have created in step one.  Note:  this blank database version must match your DBA version installed.  Contact support if you need a different blank database to match your DBA build number.  Download - Blank DB 
  3. On your Server, go to Windows > DBA Manufacturing > Database Alias Manager and create an Alias name and point to the directory and database that you just created.  
  4. To create a Desktop Shortcut on the Server - Go to your Program Files (x86)\DBAManufacturing and locate the ShortcutCreator App and double click to run the application.
  5. Choose the database alias you previously created and enter the new company name.
  6. Go to your Server desktop and launch the Icon you just created.
  7. Apply your DBA Registration key to unlock your licensed user count.

Client Setup (Perform these steps from your client workstation)

  1. To set up a multi-company shortcut on a client workstation to the new company database, the client workstation must already be installed for your DBA Main company (Client Workstation Installation).
  2. From your client workstation, navigate to the shared DBA Manufacturing directory on the server and locate the ShortcutCreator App and double click to run the application.  
  3. To create the desktop shortcut - choose the database alias for the new company and enter the company name.
  4. Go to the desktop of the client workstation and launch the new company from the newly created Icon.

Multi-Company Comments

  • You will need to setup users for each company in Admin - User Setup.  Each database has a unique set of users.  This will allow you to restrict access to only authorized individuals for each company.   There is not a way to copy User Setup info from one company to another.
  • All screen modifications and setup customizations are company specific and do not apply across companies.  You will need to setup each respective company individually to your preferences.
  • All companies share a common reports folder.   All forms and reports will present the company name in the header automatically depending on which company you are in.   If you would like to store modifications to forms specific to one company, you should save the modified and renamed formats against the Sales Order Types and PO Types.