Why do I get an ‘Unable to parse CSV file, Field Count Mismatch’ error during data import?


This error means that you have at least one data row in your .CSV file that has too many or too few commas based on the choices you have made for the number of columns/fields to be imported.

For example, if you were importing Base Prices, which has two columns but one of your data rows had three commas, you would get the Field Count Mismatch error, as the import would think it needed to import three columns where only two had been defined for import.

To resolve this error, one potential way is to ensure that there is actual data in the last column of the import sheet, regardless if it is being imported.  Otherwise, you will need to examine your .CSV file and locate the row(s) that have too many or too few commas, and correct those lines to match the proper number of columns in your intended import.