Receiving an error when launching the PO screen

When opening the Purchase Orders screen, in some cases you may see an immediate error of the variety:  A component named frmPurchase already exists OR Access Violation error in EJSME.EXE.

The most common reason for this error is an issue communicating with the default Windows printer defined on the affected PC from DBA, or a default printer not being assigned in the Windows Control Panel.  While it may seem counter-intuitive, when you attempt to access the PO screen from within DBA, the printer is accessed so that DBA can "print" the PO screen for viewing.

In addition to having a default printer assigned, you need to ensure that your workstation can communicate with this printer, for example by sending a test print job from Microsoft Word through an outside program to that printer from your workstation.

If you have a valid default printer assigned and are still receiving the error, you will need to refresh the default Windows printer to resolve this issue.  For example, you can change the default Windows printer to a different default printer (even if you simply choose the Microsoft Document Writer), and then log out and log back into DBA.  After you have changed the default Windows printer assigned on those workstations test to make sure you don't receive the error when attempting to access the PO screen on the affected workstations.

If the error is resolved after changing the default Windows printer, you can most likely change the default Windows printer back to the originally assigned default printer and the error should still not occur.