Open PO line is not showing on PO Schedule

The most likely cause of this problem is either the PO detail line is currently closed or a "Final Receipt" has been processed against the line. Here's how to check each:

1. To reopen a PO detail line, first make sure the 'Header' tab of the Purchase Order is either 'Opened' or 'Printed'. Then, in the 'Details' tab of the PO, locate the line in question and scroll right. Make sure the 'Line Status' column is set to Open. If not, click into the field to toggle it to Open.

2. If, after completing the above step, the detail line is still not showing in the PO Schedule screen, go to (Purch > PO Receipts) and double-click this PO. If the 'Final Receipt' check box has been checked for the line in question then remove that check.