New PO Invoice entry is missing receipts that need matching

To investigate this:

1.  Open (Purch > Data Views > PO Lines Summary).

2.  Set PO Create Date range to be sufficiently large to contain the PO in question.

3.  Check all 3 PO Status options (Open, Printed and Closed).

4.  Choose the specific PO Number that you're investigating.  

5.  Leave all other options as the default options.

6.  Click 'View'.

7.  Choose the 'All Fields' layout.

8.  Click 'Load'.

9.  For the line in question, verify that the 'Qty Rec TD' is greater than the 'Qty Inv TD'. If it isn't, then you don't have any remaining receipt quantities to invoice match.

10.  Next, for that same line, verify the 'Line Status' is Open. If it isn't, then the line won't show for invoice matching.  To reopen a PO line, go to (Purch > Purchase Orders), select the PO in question and flip to the 'Details' tab.  In the 'Details' tab, locate the line in question and scroll over to the 'Line Status' column.  You can click into the field itself (not the 'Line Status' column header but the field underneath the column header) to toggle between Closed and Open.