How to replace a corrupt PO Receipts form

When trying to run the report under (Purch > Reports > PO Receipts), if you receive an Access Violation error or if the report generates an infinite number of pages, then this normally means the form is corrupt.  Since it's not a customizable form, though, it's ok to just replace the corrupt form with a known-good version.

To replace the form:

1)  Open Windows Explorer (in Windows, not within DBA itself) on the server hosting DBA.

2)  Navigate to the folder which contains your DBA installation.  By default, this is \Program Files\DBA Manufacturing\.

3)  Within your DBA Manufacturing directory you'll find a 'Reports' directory.  Access this directory and you'll see the forms currently used by your DBA installation.

4)  Within the 'Reports' directory mentioned above, you'll find a folder (or possibly two) which hold good back-ups of standard report forms.  If you're within the U.S., you'll most likely be using the Letter format for your report layouts.  If so, you should see a folder called 'CurrentLetter' within the Reports directory.  If you use A4 format, the folder will be called 'A4'.  You need to access the folder ('CurrentLetter' or 'A4') which relates to your particular setup.

5)  Within the 'CurrentLetter' or 'A4' folder, you'll find a file named 'ppPOReceived.rtm'.  This should be a good copy of the PO Receipts form.  Hightlight that file, right-click it, and choose 'Copy'.

6)  Navigate one folder up, out of the 'CurrentLetter' or 'A4' folder, so that you're back in the 'Reports' directory.  

7)  When back in the 'Reports' directory, press the Ctrl-C key combination.  It will most likely ask you if you wish to overwrite the ppPOReceived.rtm file that is currently there.  Since the one currently in the 'Reports' directory is corrupt, click Yes (because you want to overwrite it with the good copy).

8)  After this, launch the software and try printing (Purch > Reports > PO Receipts) again.