"Error while calculating the material allocation..." when attempting to access the Job Control Panel

We have had occasional reports of customers hitting an error when attempting to access the Job Control Panel > Release Jobs tab.  This particular error reads something similar to:  "Error while calculation the material allocation for M34243 ITEM-NUMBER01: Acess violation at address 00DA9050 in module 'ejsme.exe'.  Read of address 000000008"

This error message means that the system is failing because the Job/SO in the error message references an item code that doesn't exist in your stock item list.  To resolve this error, do the following:
  • Find the SO/Job referenced in the error message and delete the line for the item code referenced in the error.  (In my example error message, the job is M34243 and the item code is ITEM-NUMBER01, but the error message will be specific to your data.)
  • After you have deleted the item referenced in the error message from the identified Job/SO, you can add a new item code that is valid to the Job/SO details. 
  • Alternatively, after deleting the bad line on the Job/SO, you can add the intended item to the stock items list as a new item record, and then re-add the newly-created valid item to the Job/SO.