Job Control Panel error - Arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, string truncation

The most common reason for this error in the Job Control Panel is that the screen is attempting to display a Job which has a secondary output with an invalid Qty or Cost Ratio.  

You can examine whether or not a Job has multiple outputs by going to (Jobs > Jobs > Details tab > Outputs radio button).  If there is more than one line listed then it means the Job has multiple outputs. If you see an instance of a multiple output, make sure each output has a Qty and valid Cost Ratio set against it (otherwise it can produce the error mentioned above).

Also, you might verify that none of your open Jobs have a Job quantity of zero as this can cause issues as well.

Below are some queries you can run to identify Jobs and BOMs where the Cost Ratio/Output Quantity/Secondary Ouptut Quantity is set to zero.  You can use the results of these queries to identify the jobs that have zeros in these fields and change the zeros to something valid (ie. 1).

To run the query, go to the menus Utilities > Database Queries.  Copy and paste the query I am sending you into the SQL box then press "OK" to run the query (you may have to use the keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl" + "C"  and "Ctrl" + "V" to copy and paste).

The results of the query will populate a spreadsheet in the background, which you can output and refer to.

Here are the queries for you to utilize:

1) Identify Jobs where secondary outputs or outputs have a quantity of zero:

select * from JOBDETL where QTY='0' and INOUT='Output'

2) Identify Jobs where the cost ratio of an output is set to zero:

select * from JOBDETL where COSTRATIO='0' and INOUT='Output'

3) Identify BOMs where the secondary output has a quantity of zero defined:

select * from BOMDEL where USAGE='0' and INOUT='Output'

4) Identify BOMs where the cost ratio is set to zero:

select * from BOMDEL where COSTRATIO='0' and INOUT='Output'