Error when creating a job - ISC ERROR CODE:335544569

Sometimes you can hit an error when creating a job that is similar to:  



Dynamic SQL Error

SQL error code = -104

Token unknown - line 9, char 67"

This error most commonly indicates you have a single quote or double quote in a Work Center ID on the BOM you're trying to create a job from.  A single quote or double quote cause this error when parsing the work center name as a string during job creation because the program doesn't expect these characters to exist in the work center ID.

To resolve this issue, go to the BOM Routings tab and review the assigned Work Centers to the BOM Routings.  If you find one or more that use a single-quote, use the Work Center ID Change tool to change the work center ID to an ID that doesn't use a single or double quote.  The Work Center ID Change is available under Utilities > ID Changes > Work Center ID Change.