How to view Job Issue transactions (with costs) linked to subcontract Job sequences

The system does not have this type of report.  The goal of this type of report is usually to find out what has been sent to a subcontract supplier and there's not a good way to track that in DBA.

In DBA, subcontract PO's are generated for the cost of the subcontract service only.  The subcontract PO does not track what specifically was sent to the subcontract service supplier.

Some companies might assume that if a component line is assigned to the subcontract sequence in the Job then that particular component was sent to the subcontract service supplier.  This isn't always a true assumption so we're unable to report based on the assumption.  For example, let's say the first sequence of a Job is an internal work-center that bends pipe.  A pipe component line would be linked to that sequence in the Job.  The second sequence might be the subcontract sequence which takes the bent pipe and sends it out for coating.  Since the pipe was assigned to the first sequence, it wouldn't be picked up on any type of reporting using the sequence-component-linking method.  Also, if trying to report on costs going out to the subcontract service provider, the system would need to know that it's the bent pipe with the labor cost of the bending that is going out.  It gets extremely complicated very quickly.

For this reason, we generally recommend using the (Inventory > Data Views > Inventory Transactions Detail) report as best possible for this purpose but keeping in mind the cautions/exceptions mentioned above.  Also, keep in mind that the (Purch > PO Schedule) screen can be used as a reference to see what subcontract PO's are currently open.