How to reverse an issue of a component whose characteristic structure was altered

When a stock item has had a change in characteristic structure, such as adding/removing a characteristic from association with it, then any previous Job Issues transaction for the item cannot be reversed.

There are a couple of paths forward for this problem:

1)  You may consider adding the component in question as a secondary output for the Job.  Secondary outputs for Jobs are added under (Jobs > Jobs > Details tab > 'Outputs' radio button > 'New Line' button).  This allows you to use the Job Receipts screen to pull the component back out of the Job.


2)  You may consider the simpler path of using the Stock Adjustments screen to add the component back into inventory.  This does leave the original component issued to the Job but that will simply be treated as a variance cost of the Job.  Bringing the component back in through the Stock Adjustments screen at least gives you the correct quantity moving forward for that component.

As a general warning, we do wish to point out that the Add/Remove characteristic feature for items should never be used to change *values* for a characteristic.  It should only be used when changing the actual structure of how the stock item interacts with characteristics.