Error Message: Calendar Setup is Required

There are a couple of Calendar errors that are real close in wording, but very different in solutions. So as you proceed through fixing this error, please pay close attention to the error occuring, because it may change to a different error that will require a different solution. For example "not a valid day", which means we need to generate a larger calendar. (We typically recommend the calendar be generated for at least 1 yr backward and several years forward.)

To resolve your issue:

The "setup is required error" indicates that the program can not match the DEFAULT workcenter in BOM Setup with the DEFAULT calendar in MRP Setup.

Basically, there are four potential failures:

  1. You do not have a DEFAULT workcenter. It might be named "default" lowercase which is different than DEFAULT. To check this, you need to ensure you have routings turned on for BOMs in BOM>Bill of Material Setup>BOM Defaults. Once that is verified, you should have BOM>Bill Of Material Setup>Workcenter menu choice. Upon entering there, please ensure that there is an all capital DEFAULT workcenter. If you have lower case or no DEFAULT workcenter, please make modifications to include one. Command File: Adds DEFAULT workcenter to Calendar
  2. The DEFAULT workcenter may not be referencing the DEFAULT calendar. Please apply the included command file to reset the DEFAULT workcenter to reference the DEFAULT calendar. Command File: Sets DEFAULT workcenter in BOM Setup
  3. The calendar may not be named DEFAULT. We will provide an additional command file to reset this. Command File: Sets Calendar to DEFAULT The SETUP table may not reference the DEFAULT workcenter. We will provide an additional command file to reset this. Command File: SETUP table reset of DEFAULT

Command File Instructions

Before running a command file or an update, please backup your system using the DBA Backup Manager manual backup option. To run a command file, please save the *.ecm to your server or local computer. Then ensure everyone, but you signed in as the admin, is logged out of DBA. Within the DBA program, click Admin>Run Command File and browse to the saved *.ecm. Upon running the command file a pop-up should occur stating that the command file has been executed. You can then delete the command file.