Error adding component to BOM: Implementation Limit Exceeded

When adding components to a BOM, the program goes through a process where it looks at all the BOMs where the parent item is used as a component so that we can exclude the higher level BOM's parent item code (to avoid circular BOM references). There is a limit to how many BOMs a parent item can be listed in for this check and when we hit this limit an error is produced.

There should not be a limit to how many BOMs a parent item can be used as a component, so this is a Programming issue. If you've submitted a ticket on this topic, then your ticket will be submitted over to Programming.  When changes have been made to this area of the software, your ticket will be reopened from Programming and solved to let you know.

For now, we have a few suggestions to work around this issue:

  1. You can use the BOM Components import to add components to the BOM. You will not receive an error if you add components to this BOM through import, but be aware that you can not have any components for that revision when you do the import, so you will need to do a single import to bring in all components.
  2. You can also choose to create a new TEMP item, and then use the Component Replace to replace the BOM Parent item with the TEMP item. After you have used Component Replace, you can add components to the BOM receiving the error (since it will not be used in as many BOMs). You can then use the Component Replace to replace the original parent item back into your BOMs thereby replacing the TEMP.