New Stock Item creation error: Could not perform edit because another user changed the record

During new item entry, editing Receipt/Primary Location values and/or Additional Field values has been known to cause the "Another user changed the record" error. It's a problem with the sequence of events that needs to be fixed programmatically.   We are having trouble isolating the sequence of events to consistently reproduce this error.

For now, the only recommended path forward is to flip back to the 'List' tab to save your item data before flipping back to the Locations/Additional tabs for further entry. In other words, try saving the item with no location/additional data changes/specifications. Then, after the item is saved, flip back to the Locations/Additional tabs to finish editing that information. Also, you might consider using one of the stock item import screens if you have numerous items to add/update since importing doesn't run into this sequence-of-events problem.