Access Violation or "A component named frmStockManager already exists" errors when closing or attempting to reopen the Stock Items Screen

In some cases, it is possible to receive an "Access Violation" error when closing the Stock Items screen, or error message stating "A component named frmStockManager already exists" when reopening the Stock Items screen. The error typically presents itself as the Access Violation error first, then the second error message appears when trying to reopen the screen.

At this time, there is not a definable, reproducable pattern to these errors, which makes it very difficult to track down and determine if there is a root cause which can be addressed via programming.

DBA Support needs your assistance in helping us gather very detailed and specific information about what steps and tasks were taking place in the software immediately before and at the moment of the occurence of the error.

Specifically what windows were open, what buttons were clicked, what menu items selected, if screens were minimized or not, if screen navigation was done via buttons or menu items or keystrokes, if the error affected only one PC, or one DBA login, or multiple PCs or logins, etc.

We need to have any support tickets for this issue to include as much detail and specifics as we can, so we can try to determine a more focused pattern for our programming team to investigate.

For now, the ticket will be documented against the existing programming issue for this particular error, so that all information can be accumulated and reviewed by our programming team.

A quick work-around to recover from these errors is to exit the DBA application and then relaunch it. In a few cases, the system may say the affected user account is still logged into DBA. If this happens, have the ADMIN account log in and select the Admin > Current Online Users menu choice, highlight the leftover connection, then click "Delete" to end that connection.

Once you have done so, you should be able to relaunch and run DBA without an immediate recurrence of the error.