I am receiving an "Access Violation" error when attempting to print a form

Receiving an "Access Violation" error when a Sales Order Acknowledgement, Packing List, Invoice, ect. is printed typically indicates that your form has become corrupted.  To resolve this issue, you will need to replace your form.

To replace your form, navigate to the Reports sub-directory of the DBA Manufacturing folder on your server.  Inside the Reports directory, go into the Current Letter folder.  Copy the default form file (ie. ppInvoice.rtm, ppAcknowledgement.rtm, ppOrder.rtm) from your Current Letter folder into the main Reports folder.  This action will replace your default form.

After you have replaced your default form, you will need to re-do any customizations you  had previously made to the form, and then re-assign it for use in the software.