How to update the Training Company with data from Main (live) Company

The Training Company installation does not allow updating.  This means:

  1. You cannot refresh the Training Company's database so that it reflects changes you've made to the Main (live) Company after you installed the Training Company.
  2. You cannot take a current installation of the Training Company, apply an update to it, and have its software reflects a newer software build.

The path forward for both of these situations is to uninstall (using the Window's Control Panel) and reinstall the Training Company.  The reinstall will offer to make a copy of your current live database.  This is how you "refresh" the database to reflect any recent changes.  If you'd like to update your Training Company's software build to reflect a newer release (if one exists), just reinstall using the newer Training Company installation file.  The latest Training Company's installation file can be found in the "What's New" section in the Support Center.

Download - Training Company Installation