Comma as Decimal Symbol not supported in Windows Regional Settings

Within the software, you can run into errors if you have the Windows Regional Settings on your PC set up so that a comma is used as the Decimal Symbol in the Numbers or Currency tab.  One example of an error the use of a comma decimal symbol can cause is the "Count of read-write columns does not equal count of values" error in the BOM module when doing a particular action (like Copy BOM).  

DBA is unable to support Windows Regional Settings that are set up so that commas are used instead of periods as a decimal separator.
Please do the following steps to add a period as the decimal symbol in the Windows Regional Settings you're using:
  1. On your workstation, please go into the Windows Control Panel.  In the Windows Control Panel, go into Region and Language.
  2. From the Region and Language area, you can alter your regional settings.  
  3. Press the Additional Settings button at the bottom of the Region and Language window to open up the  "Customize Format" window.
  4. In the Numbers and Currency tab, make sure the Decimal symbol is set to a period.
  5. Press OK to save this setting.
  6. After you have adjusted your Windows Regional Settings, please log out and then log back in to update DBA with these new settings.