How to resolve file errors cannot create

The most likely cause for this is a file security permissions issue. To resolve this, you will need to reset the sharing and file security permissions for the DBA Manufacturing folder, and all files and subfolders contained within to "Full Control" permissions for all your Windows users and groups. You will also need to ensure that no "Deny" permissions exist on that folder for any of your Windows users or groups.

Here are some resources for you to review to learn more about the process for setting file and sharing security:

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2

Depending on which Windows operating system you use, this procedure may be slightly different. You can access the Microsoft Support website at the following address: and search for "setting file permissions" then clicking on the name of your operating system on the left under "Show Me" to further filter the results by your operating system.

Once the file permissions are reset appropriately, this should resolve the error with the software not being to open or write files.