Email Error: "The User Email Address has not been entered, please specify this"

This error message indicates that there is no email address entered into the email field within the Contact Details tab in the PO Header, or the email field in the Contact tab in an SO header.

Normally this information is copied into the header at creation of the PO or SO. If there is not an email address specified in the Supplier or Customer detail, then the field will remain blank when the order is created.

To remedy this is a two-step process:

  • First, edit the Supplier or Customer details and make sure an email address has been entered. This will ensure any future SOs or POs have the email address copied into the header.
  • Second, for any existing SOs or POs created before the email address was entered, you will have to manually enter an email address into the email field in the Contact Details tab (for POs) or Contact tab (for SOs). Once the header has an email address entered into the appropriate field, you can email the documents normally.