Email error - "Attachment not found C:\Program Files (x86)..."

This error is related to a problem with Windows privileges when attempting to send an email.  When an email is getting ready to be sent through the DBA Client, the intent is that a folder is created under the EmailAttach directory of the DBA Manufacturing folder, and then the attachment PDF file that's going to be sent is saved within that folder.  
When the email client encounters this lack of privileges instead of being saved under EmailAttach in the main DBA Manufacturing folder on the server, the folder is created under the DBA Manufacturing > EmailAttach folder in VirtualStore on the user's PC.  Since the PDF is sitting in VirtualStore instead in the DBA Manufacturing > Email Attach folder on the server, the email client program cannot find the attachment and you hit this error.

We cannot offer an option that will fix every instance of this error because the lack of privileges can be dependent on many environmental variables, but here are a few suggestions you can try:
  • On the shortcut icon DBA Manufacturing Client on the desktop, right-click on the icon and select the "Run as administrator" option to launch DBA.  Launching the program using Run as administrator should elevate the privileges of the program and may help to clear the error,
  • On the executable file for DBA ejsme.exe within the DBA Manufacturing folder on the server, you can try right-clicking on the ejsme.exe file, select properties, then move to the compatibility tab. Check the "Run as Administrator" option in the compatibility tab, and this may help the issue.

If you need further assistance resolving the "Attachment not found C:\ProgramFiles (x86)...." error, please contact DBA support and we can try to work with you to offer additional suggestions.