Receiving error during Install/Update: "...database has existing connections.  Please cancel and resolve the open connections"

During the install or update process, you can sometimes run into an error "...database has existing connections.  Please cancel and resolve the open connections".  

Here are some suggestions to try and resolve this message:

  • First, try stopping and starting Firebird. This can easily be done from the server via the Windows Start Menu under the DBA Manufacturing>Utilities menu. Alternatively, you can go through Windows Control Panel>Administrator Tools>Services and stop and start the Firebird Server - Default Instance.
  • Second, assuming the above doesn't work, let's do a reboot of the server. We want to do step 1 first, to help jog loose any connections. Immediately upon rebooting try running the installer/updater.
  • Third, if reboot didn't work go to Computer Manager on the server, easiest path is Start menu, then right click on "My Computer" and select Manage. Go into Shared Folders, then Open Files and close anything that deals with DBA or ezijobs. After closing, try to install again.
  • Fourth, you can use the single-step Backup and Restore process using DBA's Backup Manager.  After doing the Backup and Restore, the next time you launch the installer the "existing connection" should be cleared.  Here is documentation on the Backup and Restore process from our online help: Backup and Restore

If all of the above doesn't initially resolve the issue, make sure that you don't have anything that connects to the database, i.e. an ODBC connection that can restart upon reboot. You might also temporarily turn off virus scanners and third party internet security tool, as these can lock files too.