Receiving "Training/Beta Company is already installed" when installing Training Company, but Training Company not visible in Windows Control Panel > Uninstall a Program

Sometimes you can run into an issue installing the Training/Beta Company where you receive a message that the Training/Beta Company is already installed, and so you are prevented from doing the installation.  Logically, the next step after receiving this error is to try and remove the Training/Beta Company through the Windows Control Panel > Uninstall a Program area. However, sometimes this program cannot be found under the Windows Control Panel > Uninstall a Program area so you seem to be stuck.

When this occurs, you need to do a "manual" uninstall of the Training Company.  The "manual" uninstall process basically means you are going into the Windows Registry and manually deleting the keys the installer is detecting from a previous Training Company/Beta Company installation.
  •  To do this, please go into the Windows Start menu on the server and type "Regedit" (without quotation marks) to open up the Registry Editor.  Be careful working in the Registry Editor because if you delete the wrong key it can damage your server.
  • Within the Registry Editor, find the "DBA Manufacturing (Beta)" registry key, which should be located under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\DBA Software\DBA Manufacturing (Beta) if your server is 64-bit or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DBA Software\DBA Manufacturing (Beta) is not 64-bit.    
  • Delete the DBA Manufacturing (Beta) key.  You can optionally delete the DBA Software key above DBA Manufacturing (Beta).  
  • Do NOT delete the Ezijobz Software Ltd key - this is the key for the DBA Main Company.

If simply deleting the DBA Manufacturing (Beta) key doesn't resolve your error, here are two more keys you should look for and delete.  These are the "uninstall" keys for the DBA Training/Beta Company 394.2.1 and before and Beta Company 394.3 and above:
  • E7A0525E-020C-405E-B22E-BBB4FDF7B64D
  • 5AB5BA3E-16FE-498A-AEFD-70434261E8B4

You can search for these keys in the registry editor using the menus Edit > Find within the Registry Editor window.  If you find either of these keys, delete that specific key only, and then attempt to install the DBA Training Company.  (Refer to the screenshot, which shows the key 5AB5BA3E-16FE-498A-AEFD-70434261E8B4 as an example.)

After you have deleted all of these keys, you should be able to run the installer for the Training/Beta Company without receiving the message that the program is already installed.