How do I reinstall DBA on my Server?

To reinstall DBA onto your server, you will want to perform the following steps:

1. Make a thorough, careful backup of your existing DBA Manufacturing databases, located in the \DBA Manufacturing\Database folder. You will want to backup the EJDB.FDB and SYSTEM.FDB files. Make sure no one is running DBA when you make the backup.

If you have also created customized forms, and stored them with a unique file name (they will have a .RTM extension, and most likely are in the \DBA Manufacturing\Reports subdirectory) you should copy/backup those files as well.

Also make a backup of the \DBA Manufacturing\EMAILATTACH sub-directory.

You do not need to backup/copy the entire \DBA Manufacturing directory for this process, only your databases, EMAILATTACH directory, and any customized form files that have unique file names.

2. Once you have verified you have made successful backups/copies of the database, then uninstall DBA and Firebird using the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program from the Windows Control Panel.

3. You will then reinstall DBA on the server, you cannot simply copy a back up of the directory from the server, you must perform an actual installation. You can download the "Evaluation system" again from the DBA Manufacturing website, or it will be included to you in the support ticket.

4. Once you have DBA installed on the server, run the Sample Company to verify the installation is working. When you have verified DBA has installed properly, you should then perform a restore/recopy of the databases you backed up in step 1 onto the server, replacing the blank copy that was created with your copy you saved. Also restore the EMAILATTACH folder, and any custom form files you saved.

5. Next, launch the Main Company on the server and verify it is functioning properly and that your data is as you expect it to be. If your version you had installed was an older version of DBA than the newer install that you downloaded or were sent, you will be prompted that the database is out of sync. If so, and the Version Found is lower than the Version Expected, you can select Yes to update.

6. If you reinstalled into a new drive or path onto the server, then you will need to uninstall your client PCs and re-run the installation using the client setup from the new server after mapping a drive to the DBA Manufacturing folder on the server. You can reference the Installation Guide for information on the client setup procedure.

7. If you restored customized forms with unique file names, they most likely will function normally. If they do not, you will want to run the Utilities > Forms Update Utility menu choice within DBA to remap your custom forms against the base forms on the server.