If you need to restore the default data for the DBA Sample Company, you can do so by one of the following methods.

  1. From the server or PC where DBA is being hosted, select the DBA Manufacturing program group from the Windows Start menu, then within that group select the Utilities folder and then click on the "Restore Sample Company" icon. This will then prompt you to confirm your action, simply click "Yes" to overwrite the existing Sample Company data with the default data set.
  2. From the server or PC where DBA is being hosted, go into the \DBA Manufacturing folder and double-click on the RestoreSampleCo.exe executable, which will prompt you as above, simply click "Yes" to overwrite your existing Sample Company with the default dataset.

Some important notes regarding the Sample Company:

  • 1The Sample Company is NOT the same as the Training Company. The Sample Company is more of an "example" company that manufactures red wagons. It is useful for demonstration purposes, and DBA Support may sometimes refer you to testing something using the Sample Company so that we can test using default data that we can also test internally.
  • Do not delete the Sample Company database from the \DBA Manufacturing\Database\Demo folder, and do not overwrite the Sample Company database with an additional copy of your Main company database for testing. Deleting the database file will cause future product updates to fail. If you need to have a testing copy your Main company database, download and install the Training Company instead.