DBA Remote Access 

Our recommended method of remote access is Microsoft Remote Desktop.  Remote desktop workstations access DBA remotely by accessing the server's desktop (using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services) or a client workstation's desktop (using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection).

Remote Desktop Options

  1. RDS connections to the server desktop require additional licenses from Microsoft (contact a certified Microsoft reseller for more details)   
  2. The remote desktop connection option where you access a wired DBA workstation is included in the license of most all Microsoft Pro operating systems at no additional charge.


Tip:  The remote desktop connection option is a very economical solution for remote access, wireless access and mobile device use in a shop floor.  You can have a wired PC in an office or on a rack and this PC can be accessed from any device via MS remote desktop app.  

Wireless Access to DBA

DBA workstations must be on a wired connection to the network.  Wireless connections cause network disruption to DBA and cause errors.   To access DBA from any wireless device you can access the wired PC via remote desktop connection.  This is the only reliable way to utilize wireless connections to DBA.

Tablets, Notebooks, and Mobile Devices

You can use either the Remote Desktop options noted above to access DBA via the Microsoft Remote Desktop App.   You can then access either the DBA server desktop or a wired DBA workstation desktop from any device (Android or IOS).

Installation Guide