BDE Administrator freezing up when attempting to edit settings

In order to use the DBAShortcut.EXE tool for creating shortcuts to a multi-company install on a Windows 7/8 PC, you will need to change some registry and BDE settings prior to running the utility.

If you have already run the utility and it failed, it is advisable to uninstall the DBA Client from your Windows 7/8 PC, then re-install the DBA Client so that your BDE settings are back to their normal values for a single company install.

The Registry and BDE settings to be changed are documented here:

Please note on 64-bit installations, the proper registry path for the Borland folder will be


Once you have changed the permissions in the registry, and set the NET DIR value in BDE, you should then be able to run the DBAShortcut.EXE utility without further error.