DBA is designed for timely updating of material and labor through the Work Center Schedule screen.  

It is time consuming and inefficient to manage work areas through manual planning.  Constant investigation is required to track jobs and determine what job sequences are to be worked on next.  Without software guidance, it is easy to work on the wrong job sequences or to ignore obvious bottlenecks that cause late shipments and generate excessive expediting.  

The Schedule tab within the Work Center Schedule screen is a big time saver because it lists the active job sequences in each work center in job priority order.  Job priority is determined by each job’s production time remaining relative to its required date.  Assigning job sequences to workers in the suggested order throughout all work centers optimizes shop workflow and eliminates the need for manual expediting.

Work center scheduling is an activity that cannot be avoided because it must be performed regardless whether it is driven by software or done manually.  A shop is a complex system with many participants and resources.  It is a lot easier and far more efficient to manage work centers using software than doing so by instinct, manual tracking, and expediting.