Build 403.0.1 Hotfix Update

Build 403.0.1 Hotfix Released March 26th, 2024

The following information is for our latest program update.  

Release Notes Build 403

Programming Issues Resolved - Build 403

Download - Update

New Documentation

Screen Help - Inventory > Analysis > Inventory Transactions

Screen Help - Final Job Receipt

Data Import Guide > Demand Driven Items Update

Data Import Guide > Convert Manual Reorder Point to Demand Driven

Training Company Build 403.0.1

The Training Company provides a safe environment to test the features of a build on your own data without affecting your live company.   You can preview the version ahead of your main company update, or you can use the training company as an ongoing resource for a safe testing environment.   You must uninstall any old version of the Training company before installing the latest version.  

Download - Training Company