Traditional scheduling and job linking does not work for small business

We see a lot of examples in support of customers trying to schedule their shop to the exact start and finish times.   Inevitably, this leads to them creating linked chains of Jobs to facilitate rescheduling.  This leads to a pile of coat hangers that needs to be constantly re-arranged.   The DBA demand driven approach with priority based activities blows traditional job scheduling out of the water.

Priority based activities provide superior results

DBA uses our system settings to dynamically calculate time to shipment targets.  Actual demand triggers action and priority based activities get you back on track when your actual demand exceeds your expectations.

Job linking is not required

DBA dynamically allocates material system-wide based on your demand driven targets without the need for Job linking.

Releasing jobs updates the schedule

Materials and subassemblies on hand are allocated to jobs in planned start date order so that jobs are released to production in the correct order of assembly and only when materials are fully available.   Each released job is given a new finish date relative to its actual release date, which automatically updates the job schedule.

Deploy Work Centers to manage bottlenecks

Work center queues, which are updated in real time as sequences are completed, are periodically examined to identify bottlenecks for deployment of workers and machines.

Run sequences in priority order and issue material and labor real-time for increased throughput

Each released job is prioritized based on remaining production time relative to the job’s required date.  Work center queues are run in job priority order so that jobs trending late get priority over jobs trending on time, which coordinates production flow throughout the shop.  Material issues and sequence completions are entered in real time to update stock status and work center queues.

Improve customer communications regarding order progress

The Late Supply screen provides feedback when job finish dates are later than their requirement dates. This helps you manage your customer communications and update your expected ship dates.

Manage shipments and deliver on time

The Picking Manager screen allocates supply in demand order to ensure that you are adhering to your time to shipment targets and company wide plan.