Companies currently on a DBA Build older than 396.2.1

Error Encountered at Update

Version 399.0.0 cannot be installed unless you are currently on Version 396.2.1

Two Step Update Process to Build 397 and Beyond

The Build 397 update introduces a significant update in technology.  This update will migrate to the Firebird 3 database.   In order to migrate to Firebird 3, you must update to Build 396.2.1 first before you can proceed to Build 397 and beyond.  Below are links to the Build 396.2.1 Updater and  Training Company.   You may want to preview the 396.2.1 update in the Training Company before updating your live company.

Build 396 Release Notes

Download - Build 396.2.1 Update

Download - Build 396.2.1 Training Company

After you have updated to 396.2.1, you can proceed to updating to the latest program version.  In addition to the current release notes, you will want to review the release notes for Build 397.

The update from 396.2.1 to 397 and beyond is a major technology change with the removal of the Borland Database Engine (BDE) and the migration to the Firebird 3 Database.   In this special update, you will not be able to preview the changes in the Training Company prior to updating your main company.    This update can take an hour or more to complete and must be run to completion without interruption.   If you have multiple companies installed on a single server, there is a new procedure to create Database Aliases and new Desktop Shortcuts.

Build 397 Release Notes