Build 397.2.3 Update Available

The following information is for our latest program update.  This update is a major technology change with the removal of the Borland Database Engine (BDE) and the migration to the Firebird 3 Database.   In this special update, you will not be able to preview the changes in the Training Company prior to updating your main company.    This update can take an hour or more to complete and must be run to completion without interruption.   If you have multiple companies installed on a single server, there is a new procedure to create Database Aliases and new Desktop Shortcuts.

Note: You must be on Build 396.2.1 to perform the update to Build 397.   Please contact support if you need the 396.2.1 updater.   You also must remove any existing Training company installation prior to running the Build 397 Update.

Release Notes - Build 397

Programming Issues Resolved - Build 397

Download - Update

Training Company Build 397.2.3

The training company for Build 397 is different than most updates.    Because of the formal migration to Firebird 3, you will not be able to install the training company in advance of your update to Build 397.   

The following training company installation provides you with the ability to train and explore Build 397 on your own data without affecting your main application data.   This can only be installed after you have updated your main company to Build 397.

Prior to updating your main company to Build 397, you must go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall any existing Training company.

Download - Training Company