Many subcontract service providers charge a standard fee in addition to the per unit charge for their subcontract service provided.   

Sample Scenario - Fixed Lot Charge in addition to the Subcontract per unit charge

For a given painting process the subcontractor charges a $100 setup fee regardless of job size, and then a $5.00 per unit charge to paint the components.   In this case, you would set up your standard subcontract routing with a $5.00 per unit supplier price.   For the lot charge, you will create a special fixed qty descriptor.

Steps to create a lot charge fixed qty Descriptor

  1. Create a Descriptor for this specific lot charge (Type = MISC)
  2. Optionally create an Item Category to classify your Subcon lot charge
  3. Set the Est Cost of the descriptor equal to the lot cost, in our example $100.  Leave the Sell Price blank.
  4. Set the Default Supplier = Subcontractor Supplier
    • It is important that you enter the Subcontractor Supplier against this descriptor.  The descriptor with a supplier will be needed for this line to show up in your Jobs - Job Subcontracting menu to add to your subcontract PO.
  5. Add this Descriptor as a component with a Usage Qty of 1 and the Set the Fixed Qty Checkbox to True
    • Setting the Fixed Qty is very important.  This will ensure that regardless of Job size this descriptor lot charge will always come into the Job with a qty of 1
    • Note:  the cost class in the Bill of Material for this lot charge descriptor will be MISC 
  6. When a Job is now created, this newly added Descriptor will be present with a Qty of 1.   When you release the Job and go to Jobs - Job Subcontracting, this lot charge descriptor will be available to include with your PO for your per unit subcon charge for the Job.