Time to Shipment MRP is a demand-driven planning system that only responds to actual demand originating from current sales orders. Demand-driven MRP is distinctly different than job or forecast driven planning and enables faster time to shipment with lean inventory.

To help you get the most out of Time to Shipment MRP, Build 396 includes a new set of educational materials. On the MRP - Education menu, the MRP Guidelines wizard includes new videos that cover every aspect of demand-driven planning.  The MRP workflow guide has been completely revised and is your ultimate print resource for demand-driven planning.  

Build 396.1.0 Service Pack - New Chapter Added on Demand Driven Scheduling

Demand-Driven Scheduling (New Chapter) This new chapter explains DBA’s demand-driven scheduling system, which is based on target demand dates, job release, work center priority, and feedback from actual performance.


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P Item Lead Days

M Item Job Days

Item Order Policy

Time to Shipment Target

Supply Pipeline Settings

Long Lead Days Purchasing

SO Required Date

Daily MRP Generation

PO Price Verification

Late PO Expediting

Job Release