We get many questions from customers where they state that an item can be produced at either work center A or work center B.    At the BOM level, you will need to choose the default routing sequence work center.    This will be the work center that will form the basis for your job days calculations, cost rollup of labor and overhead, and will be the work center used when MRP generates your Job for the parent item.

Lets say that our default work center A has a work center schedule queue that is getting backed up and you want to off load some of the work to work center B.    This can be done by manually swapping out the routing sequence prior to releasing the job to production.    To do this, you can go to the Job and highlight the routing for work center A that you wish to swap and select the delete button and replace the routing sequence with a routing for work center B. 

In the replace process you can choose to keep the existing cycle times and tasks.   You may need to modify or update the cycle times to reflect this new work center.  Once you have done so, the job estimated costs will be auto updated to reflect your new sequence at work center B.  You can now release the job for production and process per normal procedures.