UM Conversion - Purchasing in Different Units of Measure

You can define a different unit of measure than your stocking UM using the multiplier field in the Inventory>Stock Items>Sources tab.   There is a UM Conversion Multiplier tool that helps you establish your Multiplier

Summary points:

  • Supplier part number, unit of measure and multiplier are defined in the Inventory > Stock Items > Sources tab.
  • Supplier Source Pricing is in the Supplier's Unit of Measure and Supplier Currency
  • PO detail entry, the upper grid is presented in your stocking unit of measure and the supplier UM is listed in the lower grid
  • Printing of PO will present the document to the supplier with their Part Number, Price,  Unit of Measure in their Currency
  • All receipts and transactions will be done in the stocking UM
  • PO Invoice matching is done in the Supplier's UM and Currency

Example in Sample Company Data

Item ID: 9999-005

Item Desc:  Sample P Item in different UM than stocking UM

Stocking UM = EA

Purchasing UM = M (One Thousand)

Stock Item > Sources Tab

Purchase Order > Details Tab

Printed Purchase Order 

PO Invoice Screen - In Supplier Unit of Measure and Currency