Quantity Price Breaks for Purchase Prices

Formulas can be used to establish pricing rules for purchase prices in the Item Sources - Formula Pricing

Supplier Pricing Formulas (purchasing prices). 


Price Formula: Pricing Formulas use the following variables:

qty = Quantity being ordered

result = supplier price in supplier unit of measure and supplier currency

Quantity Purchasing Price Breaks Example

Example: You would like to set up rules to establish price breaks for purchasing from a particular supplier. If you purchase a quantity of less than 10 the purchase price is 100, for quantities 10 to 99 the price is 75, and quantities 100 or greater the purchase price is 50.


If qty <10 then result:=100

If qty >= 10 then result:=75

If qty >=100 then result:=50

Item - Source screen - Create Supplier Item Price Record with Formula