What should be entered as PO Receipt cost if the true cost isn't yet known?

In some scenarios, the true cost of an item being received isn't yet known until after the item has already been received.  In most of these scenarios, the true cost isn't known until the PO Invoice is received.

Our recommendation is to do your best to verify prices during MRP PO generation.   If you are not able to have a price, our recommendation is to enter your best estimate as the cost of the PO Receipt (while entering the receipt).  A lot of companies, in this scenario, will enter a $0 cost which is not something we recommend unless you're estimating that you will NOT be charged for the item.  If you will be charged for the item, try making the receipt cost better reflect a realistic estimate.  

The golden rule should be that you always receipt items into inventory (PO Receipt and Job Receipt) at a cost that is reasonable.  Ballpark will work fine, but zero or badly inflated will cause costing issue.