How to return an unused item back into inventory under the original Sales Order?

Normally, after an item has gone out to a customer, the return process involves bringing the item back into inventory under a different, "used" item code.  Occasionally, though, you may wish to return this item back into inventory as a new, unused item, under the original item code.  You may also want this all performed under the original Sales Order.  This article will cover the process involved with that scenario.

If the invoice was sent to the customer then we generally recommend leaving it as it is because it's a true reflection of what actually happened (you invoiced them for the item).  We also recommend leaving the original shipment as is because, again, it's a reflection of what actually occurred.

To return the item:

  1. Access the 'Header' tab of the Sales Order in question and set the status to 'ORDERED', if it's not already.
  2. Next, open (Sales > Order Picking) and choose the Sales Order number in question.  Do not access this screen via the shipping area of the Sales Order (that's only when you're creating an entirely new shipment).
  3. In the Order Picking screen, highlight the line in question and click the 'Transactions' sub-tab.
  4. Highlight the original picking transaction that needs to be returned.  Then, click the 'Return' button.
  5. Next, access the shipping area of the Sales Order and click the 'New Shipment' button.  This pulls the return transaction into a new shipment.  You're not actually shipping anything but it just shows that there was a reversal shipment that came back to you.
  6. Lastly, flip to the invoicing area of the Sales Order and create a new invoice which will include the return.  Since it's a return, it should be represented automatically as a negative dollar value which effectively turns this new invoice into a "credit memo".