How to cancel a Sales Order

When a customer cancels a Sales Order, what will need to be performed in DBA can vary.

First, the most important point is to change the Sales Order to reflect the cancellation.  This may involve decreasing a Sales Order detail line to 0 qty (if other lines are to remain open) or it may involve simply changing the overall Sales Order status (in the 'Header' tab) to Closed.  We recommend making a note against the Sales Order 'Header' tab reflecting the reason for cancellation.

Next, it's important to be aware that there may be Jobs and PO's outstanding that were spawned in response to this demand that has now been cancelled.  This is where it can get complicated.  For example, a Job may have been spawned based on this demand plus some other demand that hasn't actually been cancelled.  So, in that case, part of that Job is still necessary to fulfill the outstanding, valid demand.  This could also be true for PO's as well.  For this reason, the system can't automatically make changes to outstanding supply (Jobs/PO's) whenever a Sales Order is cancelled.  This will need to be a completely manual process/decision.  For some companies/situations, it may be desirable to just receive the extra PO quantity and/or process the extra Job quantity to stock.  It just depends.  A good place to go to see all outstanding supply/demand is under (Inventory > Stock Items > Stock Status button) for the item in question.