How can I print Shipping information on my Invoice form?

There is functionality available in DBA that lets you print shipment information on your invoice form.  However, you first need to make the sub-report where the shipping information prints on the invoice form marked as "Visible", as the shipping sub-report is not visible by default.

To make your shipping sub-report visible, open your custom invoice form in the Forms Edit Utility.  From the Main:JobHeader tab, select the sub-report "SubReportShipments: BDEShipping".  Right-click on this sub-report and select the "Visible" option.

Make sure to save the changes to your form after you made the sub-report SubReportShipments: BDEShipping visible.  

In the SubReportShipments: BDEShipping sub-report, shipment information is printed that relates to shipments that are included on the invoice, such as the Shipment No, Ship Date, and Ship Method.