How to pull BOM table data for a specific parent item

Go to (Utilities > Database Queries) and locate the SQL box. There are 3 "select" statements below (in this article). Run each of these statements, separately, by copying and pasting one into the SQL box on the DBA screen referenced above. With a single statement in the SQL box, click the OK button. If data is returned, save it to a spreadsheet. You should end up with a total of 3 spreadsheets if all "select" statements return data. If not, save whatever you do get returned.

Here are the 3 statements (remember, run them separately!):

select * from BOMLIST where PITEMCODE = 'ITEM123'
select * from BOMMASTER where PITEMCODE = 'ITEM123'
select * from BOMDEL where PITEMCODE = 'ITEM123'

**NOTE** You must replace ITEM123, above, with the actual parent item code! Keep the single quote marks surrounding the item code (as in the example statements).