How to change an existing BOM Type to Secondary

Generally, our recommendation is to use separate item codes to represent items that can be obtained via different processes. Some examples would be items that can be manufactured directly, purchased, and/or produced as secondary outputs of other manufactured items. The item codes may be essentially the same but with some sort of suffix. For example, you may have ITEM123 (manufactured version), ITEM123-P (purchased version), and ITEM123-S (secondary output version). This allows the inventory costing of each variation to be separate instead of averaging them all together. Plus, it allows you to directly specify, by choosing the appropriate item code variation, how you want the item obtained.

That said, it is possible to do this under the same item code but it's generally not recommended (especially if your plan is to flip between the BOM 'Type' more than once). In order to change a BOM's type to secondary output, the BOM must meet the criteria for a secondary output. Here are the criteria:

  1. First, in the Revisions tab of your BOM, if there is a Batch Size then it must be changed to '1'. This only applies to Batch type BOMs.
  2. A secondary output BOM cannot have it's own manufacturing specifications, so you will need to remove all Routings and Components that are currently assigned to the BOM.